Pro-Level Hitting and Pitching Data in One Device

More robust. More accurate. More efficient.



Hitters and pitchers can now face off using one monitor and the Rapsodo Diamond App.

Increased Hitting Metrics

In addition to ball flight data, you now get contact point and strike zone information, as well as complete pitched ball metrics.

Improved Pitching Accuracy

Mono and stereo cameras accurately capture the full ball flight of a pitched ball and strike zone location.

Faster Data Processing

Enhanced AI engine improves processing times by 75%.
Pitching + Hitting = ~3 seconds

Pitching = ~2 seconds
Hitting = ~1 second

More Ways To Connect

Wired (Ethernet cable) and multiple wireless (5GHz and 2.4GHz) connectivity options.

Strike Zone Awareness

Strike zone location provided regardless of hit outcome. Contact point provided for hits along with estimated strike zone location.

Capture All Your Data With One Device

Designed to capture data from the mound and the plate, PRO 3.0 provides pro-level hitting and pitching data all in one robust and portable device. Seamlessly track hitters and pitchers with pinpoint accuracy and precision like never before. 

More Advanced and More Accurate

With improved data transfer speed, increased battery life, and wireless and wired connectivity options, athletes can now train like never before. Anytime, anywhere, without interruptions. 

Baseball Only
Measure To Master

Pitching Data
Release Side
Release Angle
Horizontal Angle
Strike Position Side of Plate
Height of Plate
Trajectory 3D Trajectory
Velocity Release Velocity
Spin Total Spin
Top Spin
Side Spin
Gyro Spin
True Spin
Spin Efficiency
Spin Axis
Seam Orientation
Break Vertical Trajectory
Horizontal Trajectory
Vertical Spin
Horizontal Spin
Seam Shifted Wake
Hitting Data
Hit Exit Velocity
Launch Angle
Hit Direction
Trajectory Distance
3D Trajectory
Strike Position Side of Plate
Height of Plate
Contact Point Contact Side
Contact Height
Contact Depth
Play Outcome Hit
Spin Total Spin
Spin Axis
Trade-In Your 2.0 Unit

Take your player development to the next level with our exclusive trade-in program for the new Rapsodo PRO 3.0. If you own a Rapsodo 2.0 unit (hitting, pitching or both) contact us to learn more about the program and how to take advantage of this limited-time offer.
Live-on-Live Data

Simultaneously track hitters and pitchers with live-on-live data and get instant results. PRO 3.0 delivers tangible and actionable insights to coaches and players so they can get the most out of their game.

Designed with Development in Mind

Rapsodo PRO 3.0 is designed to be the ultimate training and development tool. Easily transition from bullpen session to batting practice to live-on-live mode all within one device.

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